45 Years of Care

In 2015, Family First Health celebrates a major milestone: 45 years of providing health care in York County.

As one of the first community health centers in the nation, Family First Health was founded in 1970 in response the York Charrette, which identified solutions to several problems facing York City. Family First Health proved to be an effective way to meet the comprehensive health care needs of underserved populations.

In the last 45 years, Family First Health has:

  • Grown to five locations in York and Adams counties
  • Launched social services programs that address barriers to better health
  • Built a staff of uniquely qualified providers that deliver comprehensive health care to insured, uninsured and underinsured populations
  • Provided a medical home for underserved populations
  • Increased affordable, accessible health care for those who need it most

We’re proud to work with individuals and families to effect community-wide changes and address the challenges and barriers to achieving better health. This summer, we’ll be sharing stories of how Family First Health puts community first in its program and services every day.

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Providing health care for those who need it most
Founded in 1970 in response to the York Charrette, Family First Health was established to meet the health care needs of underserved populations in York City. We are proud to have been one of the first community health centers. Today, we are still driven by our original mission of improving our communities as a whole.


Connecting patients to a full range of services
We’ve known from the beginning that medical health and dental health are connected in the work to create a healthy community. In 1983, Family First Health relocated to South George Street to expand its offerings and add dental services. In 2014, our centers in York and Adams counties were home to more than 20,000 dental visits.


Integrating social services to improve health outcomes
An HIV/AIDS program that developed from federal funding in 1991, Caring Together provides a seamless system of care delivered in a team-based approach. Increasing access to integrated medical, dental, nutritional, education, case management and other services reduces HIV-related health disparities, improving health outcomes overall.


Adapting programs to meet individual needs
Through the Nurse-Family Partnership, launched in 2001, Family First Health empowers first-time mothers for a healthy pregnancy and through the first two years of the child’s life. Nurses see patients in their home environments, allowing them to tailor education and services to each client for the best possible outcomes for mothers and babies.


Reaching at-risk families and children where they are
In our mission to increase access to affordable, quality care, Family First Health worked in partnership with York Hospital and the School District of the City of York in 1997 to open Hannah Penn Center. As the only school-based health center in York County, it provides medical services to residents in their own neighborhood.


Better understanding the diverse communities we serve
Nearly 20 percent of our patients are best served in a language other than English. Because our providers are dedicated to understanding the social and cultural influences in our communities, we can provide better health education and primary care, resulting in better health for all.