Mission Statement & Core Values

Family First Health Center makes a difference in the health and quality of life of the people and communities we serve by:

  • Providing quality, compassionate primary medical and dental care and social services to those who need it most;
  • Coordinating care and working with other providers to provide the full range of services our patients need;
  • Promoting and supporting healthy lifestyles;
  • Collaborating with others to improve access and break down the barriers of affordability, language and culture; and advocating for our patients and the medically underserved.


Family First Health First Five

The following are the Guiding Principles by which Family First Health Center operates:

Be Accessible

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality care. We also believe that being accessible is a standard for our behavior and how we create an experience that fulfills a comprehensive definition of being “accessible.” Be Accessible represents how we treat others as well as our ability to care for everyone. Our health center is accessible in how we communicate and how we physically interact. We want our patients, employees and partners to feel comfortable, which means we make achieving good health easy to understand. We behave in a manner that puts people at ease and makes them want to interact with us more. We strive to create an environment that is comfortable for everyone.

Care Forward

We are always thinking beyond what we see in front of us, which includes finding new solutions, thinking differently about how to achieve a lifetime of good health and ensuring the care we provide is always advancing. From being resourceful to making sure we have the best resources, we Care Forward so that our patients are able to count on us for quality care and can live happy healthy lives. We work to pass on good behavior and health.

Strive to Put Everyone First

Every person is important. No matter who they are. We care. And we strive to put everyone first by taking the time to listen and be present for every conversation. We know that so much of being a quality health center has to do with having an understanding of what is important to the people we serve.

Self Accountability

Saying you are accountable is one thing. Holding yourself and others accountable is another. We expect our family to deliver superior care and do that successfully, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We don’t ever wait for someone to tell us something is wrong, we make the extra effort to provide solutions first.

Beyond Healthy

To keep patients healthy, we need a healthy organization. We understand that organizational health means being fiscally responsible, managing our team to meet the highest standards, ensuring our providers and staff receive the best possible training, being active members of our community and creating a positive work environment.  We actively look at the whole picture, even beyond what most consider being healthy.