Deductibles and Co-Pays

While all Family First Health centers accept most forms of insurance, some insurance plans require the patient to pay deductibles and copays before they will pay for services with us. These deductibles vary among insurance companies. Even within an insurance company, different insurance plans may have different deductibles. If your insurance plan has a deductible, you must pay that amount before the insurance company will make payments to us. You are responsible for paying this deductible.

In addition, some insurance companies may require you to pay a co-pay for an office visit. A co-pay is a small amount that you must pay at each visit to your medical provider. The amount of the co-pay varies depending upon your insurance company and your plan. If your insurance plan has a co-pay, we will charge you that amount at the time of service, and you are responsible for this fee.

To find out if your insurance plan has a deductible or a co-pay, you should contact the insurance company’s customer service department (the phone number can usually be found on your insurance card.) If your insurance plan is offered through your employer, you can also find out about any deductibles or co-pays from your employer.

It is very important that your co-pay is paid in full the day of your visit so we can continue to provide quality healthcare to you and the community.