Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy

Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy

Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy
Serving York City and surrounding communities
(717) 801-4812

The support every mom needs.

Every expectant mother wants to have a healthy pregnancy. But for women in at-risk communities, they’re often not aware of the resources available to help them give their child a healthy start. That’s where Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy can help.

Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy is a free community outreach program that helps to guide expectant mothers in need of resources for a healthy pregnancy.

How does Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy work?
Community health workers hired by Family First Health work with expectant mothers to address challenges they may encounter in pregnancy: Navigating the health system, identifying and connecting with resources for a healthy pregnancy, and adopting healthy behaviors.

Through the program, a community health worker meets regularly with each woman throughout her pregnancy, sharing knowledge and connecting her to resources in a nonjudgmental manner.

Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy ensures that women in need are connected with the information, resources and support that enables them to live healthier — for themselves and for their baby.

Who are the community health workers?
Community health workers are recruited and hired from similar neighborhoods to where they will serve, and trained through a collaborative effort with Penn Center.

Community health workers understand the communities they serve and often share life experience, language and culture with program participants, allowing them to better connect with individuals and tailor their support to their goals.

Why community health workers?
Pregnancy can be scary, especially for mothers who need extra support. By hiring community health workers that understand the communities they serve, the program provides a support system that a mother can relate to, rely on and trust. 

Who qualifies for the program?
Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy serves residents of York City and neighboring communities. Participants are not restricted based on income or age.

How can I learn more?
Expectant women or caregivers of expectant women are invited to call Family First Health at (717) 801-4812 to learn more.

How do I refer someone?
Contact Family First Health at (717) 801-4812.