Month: January 2016

face for radio sign

Do you listen to Community 106.1? Well, you should. Because in addition to great community content, you can hear information from your favorite health center — that’s right… US! We’ve teamed up with Community 106.1 to offer a few “medical minutes” each month. What’s up for February? National Children’s Dental Health Month American Heart Month Wise […]

negative labels and positive labels

It started with one of our providers noticing that many parents of her pediatric patients seemed to be frustrated with some of their children’s behavior and maybe they could use some help. Enter Shane Moore, our patient care coordinator. Working with patients to see what they would like to see (and when), Family First Health […]

little boy with tooth plush

Who loves teeth as much as this guy? We do. I just wanted to share something with you guys that really reminded me of the good work that’s done here. I was checking on other dentist offices in the Hanover-Adams County area that accept Medicaid patients. There are a LOT of dentists in Hanover-Adams. A […]

wow card

  Did you know that at Family First Health we have “WOW” cards? It’s a chance for staff to nominate other employees who they see doing something the exemplify our guiding principals. What are our principals you may ask: “Patient Centered” – “Respectful” – “Serves Everyone” – “Fiscally Responsible” – “ Continuous Improvement and Innovation” […]

aids testing

You may or may not know that here at Family First Health, we offer free HIV testing Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You might also know that we go out into the community to events and to test people who might be at a high risk for contracting HIV. In a […]