Month: August 2017

Medicaid Matters quote from Zach

Medicaid users are everyone; your family, your friends, and your neighbors. They are people who need on-going healthcare assistance or just a hand up in a time of need. Medicaid matters to them because without it, they would face an unknown medical future, and it should matter to you because everyone wants a healthy community.

Medicaid Matters quote from Mother

This is part of a series intended to bring into focus the important role that Medicaid plays in the health of our patients, our organization and the larger community and what we all have to lose if proposed cuts to Medicaid are implemented. The first thing that Sharon said to me was, “Medicaid matters because […]


Insurance systems are different in every country, from single payer systems to private markets, and no system is more complex and confusing than in the United States. Luckily, we have a safety net in place for some of our most vulnerable citizens; Medicaid.