Every expectant mother wants to have a healthy pregnancy, but for some women it’s difficult to find the resources needed to help them give their child a healthy start. That’s where Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy can help. Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy is a free community outreach program that helps to guide expectant mothers in need of resources for a healthy pregnancy. Expectant women or caregivers of expectant women, in and around the York City area, are invited to call Family First Health at (717) 801-4812 to learn more.

Abigail Williams is a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, but don’t fault her for that, she is also dedicated to helping the women she works with have a healthy pregnancy. She received training in the IMPaCT model from Penn Medicine and excited to be involved in the Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy program.  Abigail is a community health worker who impacts her clients by being supportive, attentive, and showing them that their well-being is important. When asked why this program is important for the community, she stated, “There is high rate of low birth weight and infant mortality in York County. Family First Health is working to help pregnant moms reduce these risks and have a healthy baby.”

Abigail has been working at Family First Health since she graduated and says that working here is like being with family. In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies with her family, and go for walks.

Arlene Feliciano has worked for Family First Health since 2012 and is the lead community health worker for the Connections to a Healthy Pregnancy program. She has received training in the IMPaCT model from Penn Medicine, SOAR through SAMHSA, and mental health first aid. Arlene has lived in the York area for over 25 years and truly enjoys working in the community that she serves.

Arlene strives to make a contribution in lowering the high rate of low birth weight babies. She shared, “Having motherhood experience helps me exercise patience, empathy, and pushes me to work harder to help pregnant moms overcome obstacles that they face through their pregnancy.” She loves helping women reach goals they have that they thought were out of their reach by linking them to available resources.

Arlene loves working with people on all levels but particularly enjoys sending time with her family and watching movies in her spare time.

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