Every expectant mother wants to have a healthy pregnancy, but for some women it’s difficult to find the resources needed to help them give their child a healthy start. That’s where Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy can help. Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy is a free community outreach program that helps to guide expectant mothers in need of resources for a healthy pregnancy. Expectant women or caregivers of expectant women, in and around the York City area, are invited to call Family First Health at (717) 801-4812 to learn more.

Roseann Stewart became a community health worker because she would have the opportunity to help others and to be of service to the community. She says it’s “the perfect opportunity for me to completely be myself.” Roseann describes herself as caring, understanding and nonjudgmental, which is the key formula of what our patients need.  She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Development from Penn State University and is trained in the IMPaCT model by Penn Medicine.

When asked why the Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy program is important for our community, Roseann shared, “Not only does a Community Health Worker help the mother, we are helping the unborn baby and the surrounding support system that the mother has. In this way we are positively impacting multiple people’s lives at the same time and also have a small hand in the future. This program is helping mothers make more positive decisions for themselves and their family.” In her spare time, Roseann enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and spending time with her loved ones.

Claudia Salazar is a certified breastfeeding peer counselor, SOAR certified, and is trained in the IMPaCT model by Penn Medicine. She is compassionate, caring, and enjoys seeing patients be cared for and receive the help they need. She joined the Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy team as a community health worker because she has always loved working with people and families in the community, and is “willing to be that extra hand or support for their needs.”

Claudia feels this program is incredibly important to pregnant mothers in our community to enable them to find resources for a healthy pregnancy like housing, food, child-care, and family services. When asked why she became a community health worker, she shared “I wanted to be a part of a community working together to make a change. I believe that working for Family First Health I am going to have the opportunity to do so, with the amazing team and program we have started.”

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