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Our Quality Improvement team is always looking for ways to better serve our patients and one of the ways they do that is by asking patients for input. Let’s take a look at some of the key points from the most recent survey.

  • Of the 4,588 people who responded – 41% of them came to our George Street Center for medical services and about 50% also came to George Street for dental.
  • We asked about your experience with our staff while receiving care and waiting. The three most high-rated categories were convenience of office location, office hours and how quickly an appointment could be scheduled.
  • Comparing all of our sites, patients overall had a positive experience. Hannah Penn patients were particularly pleased with how quickly they got appointments and the office location.
  • When it comes to staff, patient experience ranks extremely positive. Hannah Penn had a slightly higher rating, which could be attributed to patient flow there. Hannah Penn doesn’t see quite as many patients as others which means they have more time to spend with each one!

As always, we welcomed any comments from patients. Here’s some of what you had to say.

  • Every time I come to this facility, I know that I’m in good care. (Aww, shucks. We like caring for you, too!)
  • Need a way to prioritize calls. On hold for too long.
  • Hand out stickers to kids. (We love stickers!)
  • Later dental hours so kids don’t have to be pulled out of school.
  • Saturday office hours?
  • Have separate “sick” appointments
  • Get a diaper changing station in the bathroom.
  • I have no suggestion – FFH is great and I’ve advised family and friends to come here. (Thanks!)
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