York, PA: Family First Health’s Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy program has expanded its service area to include zip codes 17402 and 17408, in addition to zip codes 17401, 17403 and 17404.

Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy is a free community outreach program that supports expectant mothers living in York City and surrounding communities by connecting them to community resources that can mitigate or remove barriers to good health – increasing the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Community Health Workers meet with expectant mothers at their prenatal visit with the obstetric care provider and then check in on a regular basis through home visits and phone calls to access needs, provide peer support and offer connections to community resources.

The Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy program began in December 2017. Currently 78 expectant mothers are participating in the program.

Expectant mothers who would like to participate can call Connections for a Health Pregnancy staff at (717) 801-4812.

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