Month: October 2015

This month is Family First Health’s Starts With Apples campaign. It nicely coincides with October being Health Literacy Month. You might say — in the words of my Alabama kin — “Do what?” Understanding health information and using that information to make good decisions about your health is called health literacy — and according to the 2015 […]

Family First Health will be joining up with Community 106.1 to offer quick tips and information about your health. Each month, we’ll address a few different topics of interest to you, and offer resources and other information here. Community 106.1 is a community radio station being run out of First St. John’s Lutheran Church in […]

woman bent over legs

Friday is Depression Screening Day, so we’ll take a look at the issue and how to get help if you need it. In York and Adams Counties, 3 in 5 adults report having one or more days with depressive symptoms during the past two weeks. And if you’re not one of those 3 in 5, […]

Nelly and her husband Angel are surrounded by Family First Health staff after she received the Patient Choice Award.

While many Family First Health staff members attended the Pennsylvania Association of Community Health Centers to listen to speakers and panelists talk about healthcare and better ways to serve you, it was a different experience for one of our own. The 2015 APEX Awards Luncheon is an annual chance for PACHC to recognize outstanding individuals and teams who have […]