little boy with tooth plush

National Children’s Dental Health Month wraps up today, which is the perfect time to explore the importance of kids dental care. As adults, we know the importance of visiting a dentist every six months for an exam and cleaning, but for children it is important to remember that developing teeth need very specific attention. The […]

Last time we talked about bad bacteria in our mouths. Let’s talk about that a little more. We all have bacteria in our mouths some are good and some are bad. We begin to have dental problems when we allow the bad bacteria to get out of control. Bad bacteria are the cause of all […]

We have been introducing you to our dentists and now we would like to introduce and welcome you to our offices — which are open to anyone seeking dental health. What does oral health mean? It means limiting or controlling the bad bacteria we all have in our mouths. You — the patient — play the most important […]