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VRI in healthcare

Good communication between patients and providers is the cornerstone of patient safety and satisfaction in the healthcare industry. However, achieving effective patient-provider communication can be difficult with the growing limited English proficiency (LEP) population in the United States. This population currently exceeds 25 million, up from 14 million in 1990 – a significant increase in […]

empowering kids

Stereotypes and misconceptions about the individuals served by Medicaid are everywhere. In fact, “Medicaid Myths” are so widespread that I devoted an entire article explaining the four key groups that benefit from Medicaid: Children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and adults. As I explained in that article, while Medicaid does cover 1 in 2 low-income individuals in […]

Sheila King-Miller quote

Any disease can make a person sad and uncomfortable because it reminds us of our own vulnerability. Mental health disease even more so, because it affects our thoughts, feelings, behaviors and the ability to relate to others or manage daily activities. But unlike talking about medical illness, we don’t talk enough about mental illness due […]

Man sitting on boardwalk

October is Depression Awareness Month and the staff at Family First Health are screening for and treating depression every day. Signs of depression are often characterized by a sad mood, loss of interest in activities, low motivation, and feelings of worthlessness or helplessness. Behavior changes associated with of depression often include problems sleeping, having a […]

Anika Jackson

Family First Health’s Center of Excellence provides patients with substance use disorders the support they need to reach, and maintain recovery. Our team links patients to community resources/support services, then walks alongside each patient to ensure that critical needs are met and that the patient remains in care for as long as needed. The goal […]