pregnant woman sitting in grass by lake

Welcoming a new life into this world is an exhilarating and special time. Whether you’re a first-time mom, or already have children, you can always learn how to make your pregnancy the healthiest experience possible for both you and baby. At Family First Health, we have a team of community health workers in our Connections […]

pregnant woman sitting in grass by lake

If you’re feeling nervous as you approach your first OB appointment, you’re not alone. After taking an at-home pregnancy test, it’s normal to have lots of questions. First, don’t delay your first OB appointment! Schedule a prenatal appointment as soon as you know you are pregnant. That way, you can begin care right away. What […]

holiday stress

Do you dream of a Christmas Vacation or 8 Crazy Nights?  Holidays can be tough and quite often we feel increased stress between October and March.  During this time, we are bombarded with images, songs and busyness of the holidays, along with changes in seasons, can add stress, anxiety, irritability and depression.  Below are a […]

Deb Bell Blog quote

Family First Health’s Center of Excellence provides patients with substance use disorders the support they need to reach, and maintain recovery. Our team links patients to community resources/support services, then walks alongside each patient to ensure that critical needs are met and that the patient remains in care for as long as needed. The goal […]

Medicaid Matters quote from Zach

Medicaid users are everyone; your family, your friends, and your neighbors. They are people who need on-going healthcare assistance or just a hand up in a time of need. Medicaid matters to them because without it, they would face an unknown medical future, and it should matter to you because everyone wants a healthy community.